Mycelium Shroud

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A gleaming, crosshatched patina

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Acupunctured in subterranean subtleties

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The Cygnet Procambarus

Aqua Dentata
‘The Cygnet Procambarus’
CD (Ltd. 50 Copies)
Beartown Records

“A slow burner, a low rider, an easy goer.

A time sink without the lip sync, THE CYGNET PROCAMBARUS is a hypnotic, mind-smoothing presentation from the Beartown-proclaimed drone duke of North East London.

Swirling sine waves wallow beneath the waves of a great billowing audiocean. Distant hisses and cascading rumbles coalesce and then disperse. A must listen for those with a keen ear for the transient beauty of dust motes hanging in the sunlight porches.

As AQUA DENTATA succinctly explains… “recorded at home & by a river”, with “synthesiser, metal, shells”.

Edition of 50 with full-colour collage of birds and that plus a tripped-out spyrograph vibe on 100% recycled Nepalese prayer paper (for looking at when you’re listening to the hypno-mulch).”

Sold Out

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Event: Power Lunches, London 05.09.14

Sweat Tongue
Sick Llama
Aqua Dentata
Ian Murphy
Clive Graham / Paul Watson

With DJ Plaistow-Facto
& DJ Quiette Village
Friday 5th September
Power Lunches, E8 4AE
8PM-2AM, 6 GBP

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Event: Fort Process, Newhaven 13.09.14

“Fort Process draws together multi-disciplinary sound expressions and presents them in the mysterious caverns, tunnels and open spaces of Newhaven Fort. This unique sound event offers cave noise, free-jazz sunshine, abstract chamber dungeons and more.”

Brötzmann / Noble
Max Eastley
John Butcher
Sarah Angliss
The Artaud Beats
Thomas Köner
Poulomi Desai
Embla Quickbeam
Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides
The Sleepwalkers
Aqua Dentata
Philippe Petit

Saturday 13th September 2014, 12:00-21:30
Newhaven Fort
Fort Road
East Sussex

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Event: Beartown Records Presents, London 20.06.14

Beartown Records Presents:

Daniel Spicer
Aqua Dentata
John Macedo

Friday 20th June 2014
Ryan’s Bar
181 Church Street, Stoke Newington
N16 0UL
8pm, Four Pound Entry Fee

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Event: Rammel Club #55, Nottingham 14.05.14

Rammel Club Presents:

Lettera 22
Aqua Dentata

Wednesday 14th May
The Chameleon Arts Cafe
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation, 1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)
8pm, £5


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Event: Record Shop Day, Electric Knife, London 19.04.14

Record Shop Day
@ Electric Knife

Aqua Dentata
Phil Julian

Electric Knife Records
16b Fortess Green Road
Kentish Town

Saturday 19th April 2014
2pm, Free

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Event: Splitting the Atom, Brighton 05.04.14

Aqua Dentata
Eva Justka
Dolly Dollycore & Jamie Sturrock
Tidal Surge (Alistair Strachan & VV)
Legion of Swine
Daniel W.J. Mackenzie & Joshua Legalienne
Raad with two A’s
Daniel Hignell
Louise’s Guidelines
Close Minded Girl
Warrior Squares

Saturday 5th April 2014
Green Door Store
Trafalgar Arches
Lower Goods Yard

A Book of Faces

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