Listen: ]Performancespace[, London 05.05.11

Audio MP3

Aqua Dentata live at Noise=Noise, ]Performancespace[, 05.05.11
Accidental mic recording on dubious equipment

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It Gets Quite Pretty

A restless reviewer speaks of ‘Seventh Past the Umbrella’ on Foxy Digitalis:

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A Noise=Noise Video

A video record of the Noise=Noise event at ]Performancespace[ on May 5th, shot by Ryan Jordan on his telephone.

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Event: ]performancespace[, London, 05.05.11

An enormous line-up and the potential to last all night:

Andre Casto
Aqua Dentata
DJ Tendraw
Eaten By Children
Ewa Justka
John Macedo
Neon Emtrzy
Pani K
Russell Callow
Ryan Jordan
Shelley Parker
Vera Bremerton
” “[sic] Tim Goldie

6 Hamlet Industrial Estate
White Post Lane
E9 5EN

Doors 8pm,
Donations on door (£3-5 suggested)
Viral bar

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Full-Body Yoga Missions

There is further talk of ‘Seventh Past the Umbrella’ on this blog here:

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If Toothpaste Could Have a Sound

A nice review of “Seventh Past the Umbrella” by Steve of Dieter Muh:

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Event: Transient Constellations, London 17.03.11

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Seventh Past the Umbrella

Seventh Past the Umbrella
A new C35 by Aqua Dentata is now available from Beartown Records, entitled ‘Seventh Past the Umbrella’.
Two side-long pieces, recorded recently in a domestic setting.

Beartown say:
“…A 35 minute study in finely sculpted drone collisions where titanic banks of harmonic amorphosis gently ascend mountains of deep, sine-wave drone cycles. Absorbing, and evocative – a tape that will whisk you away from the daily drudge to a utopia of abandoned car parks, empty arctic seascapes, and infinite desert horizons.

SEVENTH PAST THE UMBRELLA is the debut cassette from AQUA DENTATA – a paean to meditative drones, crawling key-changes and the engulfing serenity of electronic synthesis. Wave upon wave of electronic-flavoured aural massage crash upon the naked beach of your mind, 35 minutes of relief, disguised as beguiling sonic ambiguity.

Edition of 49. “Make your own mind up” artwork and formidable “on-shell” stickers.”

Click here to order

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Listen: McGinty’s, Ipswich 29.12.10

Audio MP3

Aqua Dentata live at McGinty’s, Ipswich, 29.12.10
Direct recording from mixing desk on a very foggy evening

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Listen: Imperial College Radio 09.01.11

Aqua Dentata’s recent session for Imperial College Radio’s Big Racket show can now be streamed via their website. A direct link to the M3U file is here:

The session begins at 1:31:34 for those short of time, and I am joined by host Iñigo on guitar at 1:57:27. Those who wish to listen to the entirety, please note that due to a technical error, the show does not begin on the stream until 28:42.

An account of the evening can be found on Iñigo’s blog (here), where he describes the session as “…like a sitar playing at the end of a tunnel in the dead of space, while you stand 100 metres away from its opening…”

To enhance your enjoyment of the session, I have included above a photo of the studio carpet to get lost in.

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