Stone Garden Borders

Aqua Dentata
‘Stone Garden Borders’

2xCDR Box Set (Ltd. 30 Copies)
Feral Tapes

“There is an air conditioning unit at work which, if I’m not quite awake, can sound like a schoolyard full of children, a choir or the underground gulchings of a turgid goblin. It is this everyday disquiet that Aqua Dentata manages to distil into the unnerving drones and rumbles that drip from these two discs. Running at just under two hours these recordings created with synthesizers, zither, tape and voice are the perfect accompaniment to the pallid light of your fridge as it casts its shadows over unidentifiable organic matter. Packaged in a white card box with artwork by Daniel Ward. Limited to 30 copies.”
– Feral Tapes

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