Event: FIRE!, Ipswich 05.07.12


“As the Olympic Torch rests in Ipswich on its route from Mount Olympus to the East End of London, FIRE! marks the occasion with a night of live art.

The torch relay was devised for the Berlin 1936 Olympics (yes, that one) and echoes the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods. FIRE! explores this tangle of history, mythology and power through live music, film, performances, curiosities and experimental artworks.

Featuring, amongst others, S.E.T.I., Aqua Dentata, Tonesucker, Ypsmael, Brideburger, Menagerie, The Curiosity Collective. Part concert, part cinema, part exhibition, part pagan rite, FIRE! will give the Olympic Torch the send off it deserves.”

Thursday 5th July
The Town Hall, Ipswich
8pm, £5 Entry

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