March Hare, Kraken Mare

Aqua Dentata
‘March Hare, Kraken Mare’

CDR (Ltd. 40 Copies)
Beartown Records

“Behold earthlings – the bloody best bit of Baraclough is back on Beartown! Celebrated sound-warlock AQUA DENTATA (Eddie Nuttall returns with the almost spiritual/transcendental MARCH HARE, KRAKEN MARE.

Nuttall has developed his AQUA DENTATA project further, utilizing synthesizers, tapes, microphones and bowed miscellany creating a meditative and hypnotic vibe. The result is a sparse, desolate and quite frankly, downright eery affair – think majestic, gushing waves collapsing in on themselves, distilling into vacuumed interzone voids and seemingly sourceless, spectral whispers that may never even have existed. This is a recording that will leave your senses/sensors rendered irrelevant.

Don’t trust your lugholes son, they just don’t do what they’re supposed to no more. MARCH HARE, KRAKEN MARE – the soundtrack to the ultimate game of Hide & Seek going totally wrong. He’s a fucking cracker live too!” Edition of 40. Backyard paradise artwork by CWB.” – Beartown Records

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