Seventh Past the Umbrella

Seventh Past the Umbrella
A new C35 by Aqua Dentata is now available from Beartown Records, entitled ‘Seventh Past the Umbrella’.
Two side-long pieces, recorded recently in a domestic setting.

Beartown say:
“…A 35 minute study in finely sculpted drone collisions where titanic banks of harmonic amorphosis gently ascend mountains of deep, sine-wave drone cycles. Absorbing, and evocative – a tape that will whisk you away from the daily drudge to a utopia of abandoned car parks, empty arctic seascapes, and infinite desert horizons.

SEVENTH PAST THE UMBRELLA is the debut cassette from AQUA DENTATA – a paean to meditative drones, crawling key-changes and the engulfing serenity of electronic synthesis. Wave upon wave of electronic-flavoured aural massage crash upon the naked beach of your mind, 35 minutes of relief, disguised as beguiling sonic ambiguity.

Edition of 49. “Make your own mind up” artwork and formidable “on-shell” stickers.”

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