Listen: Imperial College Radio 09.01.11

Aqua Dentata’s recent session for Imperial College Radio’s Big Racket show can now be streamed via their website. A direct link to the M3U file is here:

The session begins at 1:31:34 for those short of time, and I am joined by host Iñigo on guitar at 1:57:27. Those who wish to listen to the entirety, please note that due to a technical error, the show does not begin on the stream until 28:42.

An account of the evening can be found on Iñigo’s blog (here), where he describes the session as “…like a sitar playing at the end of a tunnel in the dead of space, while you stand 100 metres away from its opening…”

To enhance your enjoyment of the session, I have included above a photo of the studio carpet to get lost in.

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