Event: Train of Thought Gallery, Worthing 24.01.15

Aqua Dentata
Karen Constance
Ian Paxon
The Jem

Saturday 24th January
Train of Thought Gallery
5pm-8pm, Free

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Event: Cordyceps Is Your Friend, Cafe OTO, London 06.03.15

Time Attendant
Lake of Snakes
Aqua Dentata
Laid Eyes (Film)
Tartaruga (DJ)

“Sonic seeds and spores from Deptford-based experimental musician and painter Paul Snowdon, aka Time Attendant, crushing Manchester sax/bass/drums riff trio Lake of Snakes (featuring members of Gnod, Horrid, and Skulldozer), Eddie Nuttal’s hypnotic and densely woven Aqua Dentata project, synth/cello/drums improv trio Grapefruits, plus filmprojection from Laid Eyes and Tartaruga Records DJing throughout and til late.”

Friday 6th March
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL
£5 (£4 Advance, £3 Members)


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Like a trip to the off-world colonies


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Event: Listening Club, Peckham 14.12.14

Aqua Dentata
Lola de la Mata
Memorial Bench

Sunday 12th December 2014
The Peckham Pelican
92 Peckham Road
SE15 5PY
4pm-9pm, Free Entry

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23th CD


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Mycelium Shroud



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A gleaming, crosshatched patina


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Acupunctured in subterranean subtleties


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The Cygnet Procambarus

Aqua Dentata
‘The Cygnet Procambarus’
CD (Ltd. 50 Copies)
Beartown Records

“A slow burner, a low rider, an easy goer.

A time sink without the lip sync, THE CYGNET PROCAMBARUS is a hypnotic, mind-smoothing presentation from the Beartown-proclaimed drone duke of North East London.

Swirling sine waves wallow beneath the waves of a great billowing audiocean. Distant hisses and cascading rumbles coalesce and then disperse. A must listen for those with a keen ear for the transient beauty of dust motes hanging in the sunlight porches.

As AQUA DENTATA succinctly explains… “recorded at home & by a river”, with “synthesiser, metal, shells”.

Edition of 50 with full-colour collage of birds and that plus a tripped-out spyrograph vibe on 100% recycled Nepalese prayer paper (for looking at when you’re listening to the hypno-mulch).”

Buy Now

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